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In business for over 25 years, we have our installation process down to a science. Protecting your biggest investment is fast, easy, and stress-free.

Step 1

Prep & Clean

First, our professional installers will prepare and thoroughly clean every inch of your existing gutter system to ensure LeafFilter works properly and lasts a lifetime. 

Step 2


Next, we check for any areas of concern to identify parts of your gutter system that may need extra attention, as we would never install on a faulty gutter system.

Step 3


We secure LeafFilter to your existing gutters to protect your system from damaging debris. After installation, we’ll clean up and discard all debris, screws, and other materials from your property.

With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and entire home are protected for life.

Damage Caused by Clogged Gutters

When water is not diverted properly through your gutters and away from your home, it can have serious, far-reaching consequences. Clogged gutters can impact your entire home resulting in serious damage like:

Rotting Fascia and Soffit

Heaving Driveway

Mold & Mildew Growth

Basement Flooding

Landscape Erosion

Foundation Issues

Rotting Fascia & Soffit

Heaving Driveway

Mold & Mildew Growth

Foundation Issues

Basement Flooding

Landscape Erosion


Satisfied Homeowners

Every 60 seconds, a homeowner requests a free estimate from LeafFilter.

Recommended by 9 out of 10 LeafFilter customers.

Friendly, skilled, and professional installer. Everything works great. We love our new gutters! We have not had any gutters since we had our house remodeled and a new roof put on about 4 years ago. Our carport doesn't flood anymore and our flower beds around the house to not get washed out like before.

Connie Robinson
Verified Customer

Recently had a flood in my finished basement due to clogged gutters. Had Leaf filter guards installed and since have had two severe thunderstorms and no issues with water. Very pleased with their timely service and professional employees. Looking forward to never having to find someone to clean my gutters again.

Jan Fosso
Verified Customer

I'm happy with my gutters with peace of mind, no more water in basement, no more cleaning gutters and look good on my house. Installer was pleasant and helpful.

Christine Polewaczyk
Verified Customer

We had an amazing experience with LeafFilter! Replacing our gutters was definitely the way to go. We called LeafFilter because our basement was wet and were worried about damage to our foundation. Happy to report that it is bone dry! Thank you LeafFilter!

Verified Customer

We had another type of gutter protection that allowed water to run over the gutters causing water issues in our basement. Since the Leaf Filter system has been installed there has been no issues with gutter overflow. We are very happy with the new system.

R. Phillips
Verified Customer

Technician was prompt and courteous! He did very good quality work. So far so good, we have had no water in our basement from overflowing gutters!

Gary Suszynski
Verified Customer

Service Tech: Joshua Mattson. Professional. Efficient. Answered all my questions. LeafFilter Gutter appearance is aesthetically pleasing. Areas where the LeafFilter Gutter is located, there no longer is pooling of water alongside the foundation when it rains. Thank you.

Jill Russom
Verified Customer

My installer called ahead and arrived exactly as expected. He worked by himself for 9 hours to finish the job. He then sent me pictures from the roof view which gave me a chance to see how it looked from above. I now have peace of mind and am no longer worried about water and mold damage.

Dennis from Jamestown
Verified Customer

We wanted to keep our gutters flowing. We’ve had water damage to our home due to a clogged downspout. Also, we share a valley between our neighbor, with gutters on either side. A lot can get in there, which would clog things up. Now we don’t have to worry about that.

Robert Dollar
Verified Customer

Very happy with our leaf filter product! Living on a golf course, we have many mature trees surrounding our home and the leaves would cause our gutters to clog, then causing water damage. We are very happy to not have to worry about that anymore..

Katie Issler
Verified Customer

The sales presentation was very clear and informative. The job was done quickly and efficiently without disrupting my schedule. I hope leaf filter will prevent the kind of water damage that I had to have repaired last year.

Elizabeth Dunkle
Verified Customer

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Installation was done in the timeframe promised. No mess left behind. Peace of mind knowing I’m protecting and preventing water damage to my home.

Gail Kestner
Verified Customer

The best system out there. Installed perfectly. Couldn't have gone better. Lifetime transferable warranty makes them the leader in preventing water damage due to clogged gutters. I'm very satisfied and recommend LeafFilter to everyone.

Paul Rosecky
Verified Customer

Thanks to Leaf Filter from the salesman to the installers. The experience was magnificent for both. If the product is as good as the aft fore mentioning (sales and installation) I should never have to clean a gutter ever and no issues with water damage to my home as they relate to gutters!

Damond McCann
Verified Customer

Extremely courteous and professional from start to finish. I feel very comfortable knowing my home is protected from water damage...

Mike Collins
Verified Customer

Do yourselves a favor and get these gutters. We bought a home last year and we noticed that the gutter system was off…literally was off and water was starting to pool and on the ground and leak into the garage. Not wanting to deal with water damage and repairs, we invested in Leaf Filter and we are very happy with the way the work was done and the look of the gutters.

Gloria Blanquel
Verified Customer

Ready to eliminate water damage caused by clogged gutters? Start your free estimate today.

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